Web Package .fwp

A Web package is a bundled collection of files that you export or import for use in a Web site. A Web package uses an .fwp file name extension. You may want to create a Web package if you want to share or reuse Web pages, a Web site, a list, or a library structure. When you create a Web package, you can include the whole Web site in the package. Or, you can include only the specific Web pages that you want. After you create a Web package, you can import and deploy the .fwp file to as many Web sites as you want.

A Web package may include the following items:
Any documents in lists and in libraries
Web pages
Web Part pages
Custom link bars

However, a Web package cannot contain list data, subsites, or security and permissions settings. When a Web site is moved as empty content, list data that is part of the original Web site does not move with the Web pages in the package. For example, a document library may contain a column that you created to track the status of documents. When you package the library, the package includes the documents, the custom column, and the settings for that column. The package does not include the data that indicates the status of the documents.