Add Link to Edit Menu of Sharepoint's list Item

Here is a simple feature sample to Sharepoint's item edit menu, it adds a custom item in the menu which opens a pop-up menu.

<  Feature id="12b05c5c-c240-4619-bbd2-d9a42636ce85" 
          Title="Add Link to Edit Menu"
          Description="Add Link to Calendar's Edit Menu"
          xmlns="" >
  < ElementManifests >
    < location="elements.xml">
  < /ElementManifests >
< /Feature >
   Elements xmlns=""  >
    Id ="_AddLink"
    Title ="Invoice"
    RegistrationType ="List"
    RegistrationId ="106"  >    (for registrationid values, see my previous post)
   <     UrlAction Url=""
     / >
  < /CustomAction >
    < /Elements >

In the UrlAction, to open  a pop-up simple add :

UrlAction Url="'{SiteUrl}/Pages/GetReport.aspx?item={ItemId}&List={ListId}','invoice','height=255,width=250,toolbar=no,directories=no,status=no,
menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no ,modal=yes');"

This feature adds the link to edit menu of an item for a specific list, if you want to add the link to all lists/libraries then change: