Free SharePoint Site, really free


It was long desired! When we started this blog a couple of months back, we searched the web for a low cost SharePoint hosting provider, but none was affordable.

And recently I saw this,

Though it has 5MB limit, but it
* supports SharePoint designer
* Alerts
* Multiple Users
* !! 5 MB is for ads only, it supports 50 MB actually (default quota) :-)

go ahead and start yours today ....


  1. First, let me congratulate you for posting informative articles.

    It is really pleasure to see such a website which gives free hosting of own sharepoint sites.This reflects popularity of sharepoint technology among business users and end users.

  2. good to find that there are SP servers out there alive.

    A colleague had set up a personal server, and it was useful for collaboration over the internet.

    However, 50MB is never enough. It can help with text-mostly collaboration but not for files.

  3. Time has passed and the link in this post
    yields the following:

    Free SharePoint Hosting Registration
    SharePoint 2010 Hosting Coming Soon!

    We have discontinued service for our Free SharePoint 2007 sites.